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Peak vs. Peek vs. Pique

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Peak: (noun) the pointed top of a mountain.

  1. The snow-covered peaks gleamed in the distance.

Peek: (verb) look quickly, typically in a furtive manner

  1. Let’s peek inside and see what’s going on.

Pique: (verb with object) stimulate (interest or curiosity)

  1. The mysterious main character has really piqued my interest.

Origin: Although pique is a term most often used in reference to curiosity or interest, it can also mean to arouse anger or resentment. It originates from the mid-16th century French word piquer meaning to prick or irritate.

Bonus Tip: To remember the definition of peak, imagine the A in the shape of a mountain. To differentiate peek, envision the two e's as glancing eyes.


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