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Brittany J. Vincent

To be a great editor, first you have to be an experienced reader. From an early age and throughout my life, I’ve been captivated by the written word and countless stories full of heart and imagination. As my literary interests evolved, I found myself examining what elements of a story make it successfully resonate with me and my fellow bookworms and how those aspects can be improved upon throughout the writing process.


After graduating from the University of Rhode Island in 2010 with BA degrees in both Communication Studies and Public Relations, I decided to turn my passion for reading, writing, and editing into a publishing career. I’ve since earned my MS in Publishing degree from Pace University.


Additionally, I’ve held internships in children’s editorial at Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins, where I trained under and worked with some of the most talented and successful editors in the industry. I gained firsthand experience in multiple areas of publishing by attending and contributing to editorial, marketing, design, production, acquisition, and intellectual property meetings.


My writing and editing abilities, analytical skills, and attention to detail were strengthened through my duties. These included

  • evaluating manuscripts for all age groups,

  • composing reader reports to recommend or reject potential acquisitions to editors,

  • analyzing content and genre market trends,

  • drafting jacket copy for upcoming releases,

  • updating tip sheets (internal sell sheets listing title info and key sales/marketing points),

  • assisting in author and agent mailings/correspondence, and

  • reviewing and editing multiple passes of acquired manuscripts.


What is just as important as editorial skills? Knowing how to effectively market and position a book! In addition to editing, my extensive experience in digital marketing at such companies as Penguin Random House, RosettaBooks, and Marshall Cavendish Education has involved

  • producing, managing, and analyzing consumer engagement across multiple social media platforms,

  • copyediting and reviewing creative design content for targeted product campaigns,

  • composing creative blog posts and press releases for promotion of featured authors and book releases,

  • updating internal databases for metadata and marketing analytics, and

  • writing and editing online copy and testing usability for various company websites.


(To view my full résumé, please visit my LinkedIn profile.) 

In addition to nearly a decade of hands-on experience, I’m an official member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), the American Copy Editors Society (ACES), and Bookbuilders of Boston. As a lifelong learner, I actively continue my professional development by attending relevant educational workshops, webinars, and panels to stay abreast of advances within the industry.

When I’m not editing or working my way through my bottomless to-be-read pile, I’m an avid TV and movie watcher (what can I say? I enjoy stories in all forms!). I can also be found sipping a latte at Starbucks or at the beach hoping to spot a mermaid!

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